Felicitations on Uninterrupted Democracy On behalf of the Mangu/Bokkos community residing in Enugu and its environs, I, Amb. Dr. Mark Adams Maimako, extend my heartfelt congratulations to all Nigerians as we celebrate the milestone of uninterrupted democracy in our beloved nation.

This achievement is a testament to our collective commitment to democratic values, unity, and the pursuit of progress. It reflects the resilience and determination of every Nigerian, from all walks of life, who has contributed to the stability and growth of our democracy.

As we continue to uphold the principles of freedom, justice, and equality, let us remain steadfast in our efforts to build a prosperous and inclusive Nigeria for future generations.

Congratulations to us all!

Amb. Dr. Mark Adams Maimako Chairman, Mangu/Bokkos Welfare Association in Enugu and Environs