APC Forum Calls For Regional Government In Nigeria

The North Central forum of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is advocating for a regional system of governance in Nigeria to allow each region to independently address its own needs using its resources, educational standards, political influence, and agricultural practices.

This call for regional government arises from the neglect and marginalization that the North Central region has experienced over the years.

During a press conference in Jos, Plateau State’s capital, the forum’s chairman, Alhaji Saleh Mandung Zazzaga, emphasized the urgency of this issue, highlighting the North Central region’s significant contributions to the nation.

He pointed out the region’s vital role in agriculture, education, natural resources, and political participation. Despite these contributions, the region faces consistent marginalization, particularly in political representation and the utilization of its agricultural and natural resources.

Zazzaga mentioned the underutilization of the region’s agricultural potential, especially in states like Benue, Plateau, Niger, and Kogi, which are considered the nation’s food basket.

He stressed the importance of fully harnessing this agricultural strength to ensure food security for the region.

Additionally, he noted the presence of valuable natural resources, such as tin, which have not been optimized for the region’s economic prosperity.

Furthermore, Zazzaga pointed out the region’s significant role in fostering democratic progress and nurturing national leaders since the advent of democracy in 1999.

Despite this, the region still faces marginalization in political appointments. A recent example is the controversial APC National Chairmanship position, which is currently contested in favor of the North West region.

The forum’s call for a regional system of governance aims to address these issues by allowing the North Central region to manage its resources and address its unique needs more effectively.

“So, after careful consideration of how marginalized we have been in this nation despite our endowments and contributions to national development, we, the North Central APC Forum, are calling for the regional system of government.

“Since the regional system of government is a political framework where power is divided among constituent political units, such as regions or states, we are, therefore, calling for the adoption of such a system so that each region in the nation can use their endowments to develop themselves without any fear of marginalization.

“Meanwhile, the federal government would still be responsible for matters such as national security, foreign affairs, and regulation of interstate or inter-region commerce, while the regions would have powers to administer their respective regions,” he said.

Zazzaga highlighted the forum’s commitment to the advancement of the North Central Zone, stating that they have actively participated in political and economic endeavours aimed at benefiting the region.

According to him, as loyal APC stakeholders, they will persistently strive for progress until they achieve a favourable outcome.

As dedicated leaders of the APC, he said they have collaborated with individuals from various political parties and stakeholders within the region, disregarding any ethno-religious or political affiliations.

Zazzaga further clarified that it is entirely justified to utilize their platform to promote the North Central region. They highlighted that even governors, legislators, and local government chairmen have established party or regional forums to advocate for their shared interests.