Citizens express concern over Plateau Express new prices

Citizens express concern over Plateau Express new prices. The recent relaunch of Plateau Express Services, coupled with an adjusted transport fare of N9,000, has ignited diverse reactions among citizens, especially on social media platforms.

The state-owned transport service, commonly referred to as Plateau Riders, introduced its revamped operations, including new vehicles and branding, ahead of its scheduled commencement on May 1st, 2024.

While some individuals lauded the efforts to modernize and improve the transport service, a considerable number of travelers expressed dissatisfaction with the significant fare hike.

Many turned to Plateau Express Services’ official Facebook page to air their grievances, highlighting concerns about the economic difficulties confronting citizens.

Critics of the fare hike contended that the new pricing scheme resembles VIP transport services more than it reflects the affordability expected from a state-owned transport service.

They underscored the government’s responsibility to prioritize travelers’ welfare by providing subsidized rates, similar to practices in other states, to alleviate the financial strain on commuters.

The discussion surrounding the relaunch and fare adjustment underscores the diverse perspectives within the community regarding the role and obligations of public transportation services, particularly amidst economic challenges.

As citizens await additional developments and decisions concerning Plateau Express Services, the discourse continues to unfold, reflecting ongoing apprehensions about accessibility and affordability in the transportation sector.