Former Commander of the Force Intelligence Response Team, DCP Abba Kyari, has been granted two weeks’ bail by an Abuja Federal High Court.

According to Plateau News, Kyari was granted bail to allow him to return home and complete the burial rites of his late mother.

The court has set Friday, May 31, for the determination of DCP Abba Kyari’s bail application in the trial over drug-related charges filed by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

Kyari, who was arrested over two years ago on February 14, 2022, is currently facing these charges filed by the NDLEA.

Meanwhile, a Borno Youth Forum has called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to release the former head of the IGP Intelligence Response Team (IGP-IRT), DCP Abba Kyari, citing his significant efforts against Boko Haram terrorists and kidnappers in the country.

In an open letter obtained by The Whistler and signed by Ahmed Yusuf, Chairman of the Forum, the group highlighted Kyari’s notable achievements, particularly in combating kidnappings and addressing other security challenges.

They appealed to President Tinubu, urging him to release DCP Abba Kyari unconditionally, acknowledging the “outstanding and unprecedented achievements recorded by DCP Abba Kyari” during his tenure as commander of the IGP-IRT.

“In Borno State, he and his team ended all the Boko Haram terrorist suicide bombings in the state by arresting all the Boko Haram terrorist Commanders involved in over 130 suicide bombings,” the letter stated.

The Borno Youth Forum emphasized that Abba Kyari is the only officer who successfully arrested Boko Haram members involved in the 2014 Chibok schoolgirls’ kidnapping. Additionally, they noted his role in apprehending the terrorist group responsible for the bombings in Nyanya and Kuje in 2015, which resulted in numerous fatalities.

The group said: “He also discovered and destroyed two of their bomb-making factories in Niger State, and since that operation, no bombing has been recorded in Abuja.

“We can’t forget his arrest of a very deadly and notorious criminal kingpin across the country like Evans, Godogodo, Vampire, Ade Lawyer, Umar Abdulmalik, Halti, Zakari Yau, Ability, Dabo, Dogo Russia, and others.

“The government also needs to recognize how he suffered and risked his life to maintain peace, security, and the protection of the lives and properties of the citizens of this country.

DCP Abba Kyari received hundreds of awards within and outside Nigeria due to his tireless and outstanding efforts on promoting security through intelligence-led policing, use of human intelligence, use of technologies and technical intelligence, and cogent strategies in maintaining peace in every nooks and cronies of the country.

“For his service to the nation, he received unprecedented triple IGP Medals for Courage, 2012, 2013, and 2014; a commendation award from American FBI 2019, for arresting the killers of a serving American soldier in Imo State, and he led the arrest of the kidnappers of four white Americans in Kaduna State.”