El-Rufai Tells President Tinubu Those To Sack From His Cabinet

El-Rufai Tells President Tinubu Those To Sack From His Cabinet. Former Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai has advised President Bola Tinubu to dismiss underperforming appointees in his administration.

El-Rufai made this assertion on Monday during a capacity-building workshop for top officials of the Borno State government in Maiduguri

El-Rufai emphasized the importance of ensuring optimal performance within the government by replacing non-performing officials with capable individuals.

He urged Tinubu to take decisive action to relieve those who are not meeting expectations in his cabinet of their duties and appoint suitable replacements.

The former Governor also urged the President to reconsider policies that are not yielding the expected results.

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“If someone appointed to a position fails to meet expectations, there should be the humility to acknowledge it and seek a replacement,” El-Rufai emphasized.

He further encouraged Nigerians to pray for their leaders and support the government in its efforts to improve the situation.

“As citizens, we must pray for our leaders to be guided to make the right decisions,” he stated. “They need the humility to correct themselves when necessary and do what is best for the society. That’s how progress is made.”

El-Rufai also revealed that President Bola Tinubu has reinstated the fuel subsidy, a move that many Nigerians are unaware of. He noted that the government is currently spending more on fuel subsidies than before they were removed in May 2023.

According to him, this reinstatement has led to the current petrol prices ranging from N600 to N750 per litre, which could have been even higher.

He pointed out that diesel prices have also soared above N1,000 in some areas.

Despite these developments, El-Rufai highlighted that many Nigerians are not fully informed about the situation.