gunmen kill 12 in Plateau village

Gunmen kill 12 in Plateau village. Once more, tragedy struck the Tilengpat Pushit community in Plateau State as gunmen launched a deadly attack, claiming the lives of twelve individuals. The incident unfolded late Thursday, adding to the escalating violence in the region.

This latest assault follows closely on the heels of another violent incident last week, where gunmen targeted Mandung-Mushu and Kopnanle villages in the Bokkos and Mangu local government areas.

In that attack, at least ten lives were lost, and several others sustained injuries. Additionally, properties, including homes, were set ablaze, leaving the affected communities reeling from the devastation.

The Chairman of Mangu Local Government Area, Markus Argue, confirmed the tragic incident to The PUNCH in Jos on Friday.

He expressed the devastating reality of the latest killings, emphasizing the senselessness of the violence. Markus Argue stated that the attack occurred the previous night in the Pushit community, where he was presently located to assess the situation firsthand.

While unable to provide an exact count of the casualties at the time, he highlighted the disturbing trend of targeting innocent women and children in their homes.

Additionally, a community leader in Pushit, identified only as John, corroborated the grim details, revealing that twelve lifeless bodies had been discovered both at the scene of the attack and in the nearby bush.

John provided further details, stating, “We have recovered twelve lifeless bodies of individuals who fell victim to the brutal attack in the Pushit community. Their identities are yet to be disclosed as we await notification of their families.

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Law enforcement agencies are on-site, conducting investigations to determine the motives behind these atrocious crimes and apprehend the perpetrators responsible for this despicable act.”

However, the Spokesman for the Plateau State Police Command, Alabo Alfred, could not be reached for immediate comment on the incident.

Nevertheless, sources at the Command headquarters in Jos confirmed that security operatives had been dispatched to the affected community.

Meanwhile, in Bokkos Local Government Area, women have taken to the streets in protest against the resurgence of violent attacks by gunmen in their communities.

Witnesses reported that the protesting women were en route to the Council headquarters to voice their grievances.

Further details on these developments will be provided as they emerge.