On behalf of myself and my family, I extend heartfelt congratulations on your one-year anniversary in office. This milestone is a testament to your dedication, vision, and firm commitment to the development and progress of Plateau State.

Over the past year, your administration has achieved remarkable progress, particularly in improving our infrastructure. The construction and rehabilitation of various road networks have greatly enhanced connectivity and accessibility, boosting local commerce and improving the quality of life for many. Additionally, your introduction of metro buses has revolutionized public transportation, providing affordable, efficient, and reliable means of transport for thousands of residents.

Your advocacy and engagement with partners, donors, investors, and key stakeholders are attracting crucial investments and showcasing Plateau State’s potential on the global stage. Furthermore, your commitment to those affected by crises and your efforts to restore peace and promote reconciliation have demonstrated courageous and compassionate leadership.

We also commend your initiatives to keep Plateau State clean, contributing to a healthier and more beautiful environment for all residents.

As we reflect on the progress made during your first year in office, we are filled with optimism and confidence in the future of Plateau State under your capable leadership. May the coming years bring even greater achievements, and may your vision for a prosperous and peaceful Plateau State continue to materialize.

Once again, congratulations on this significant milestone. We look forward to more transformative initiatives and continued success in your tenure.

Yours sincerely,
Hon. Rinkat Oswald.