How I Discovered My Musical Talent – Daddy Showkey Reveals

Daddy Showkey shared a fascinating anecdote about his musical journey during an interview on ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast.

He revealed that his decision to pursue music stemmed from a suggestion made by someone while he was working in a motor park.

This encounter sparked his interest in the music industry, eventually leading him to become the renowned musician known as Daddy Showkey.

Daddy Showkey reflected on his initial skepticism when someone suggested he pursue a career in music while working as a ticketer in a motor park.

However, upon trying his hand at singing, he discovered that many people enjoyed his songs, which encouraged him to seriously consider transitioning into a musician.

“At first, I was sceptical because I didn’t know how to sing but when I attempted it, I discovered that everyone liked it so that was how I became a musician.”

Speaking on the controversy of young artists not acknowledging the contributions of music legends to their careers’ success, Daddy Showkey said he was not interested in giving himself any accolades for paving the way for young artists.

He added that it is left for the young artists who benefited from his legacy to admit and acknowledge him.