“Life is hard”  - Nigeria lady leave UK, return to Nigeria after 2 years

“Life is hard”  – Nigeria lady leave UK, return to Nigeria after 2 years

Returning home after seeking greener pastures abroad is a significant decision, and it seems like @nikkystar_55 made it after much consideration.

In a video posted on her TikTok page, she shared her experience of feeling exhausted and the need to prioritize her mental well-being.

Along with her husband and son, she chose to leave the hustle of life abroad and refocus on her life in Nigeria. It takes courage to make such a decision, and hopefully, she finds fulfillment and happiness back home.

It’s heartwarming to see @nikkystar_55 and her family joyfully packing their belongings and embracing the journey back to their homeland.

The excitement they displayed reflects their anticipation of returning to familiar surroundings. In her TikTok video, she shared snippets of their transition, from immersing themselves in the local culture to savoring homegrown produce for their meals.

It’s also fortunate that her husband found a colleague who shared their desire to start anew in Nigeria, making their return journey smoother. Their story is a reminder of the importance of finding contentment and peace wherever one feels most at home.

It’s evident from these reactions that many people resonate with @nikkystar_55’s decision to return to Nigeria after experiencing the challenges of life abroad.

Omonigho’s exhaustion in the UK reflects a common sentiment among those living in diaspora, while Rissa’s contemplation of relocation underscores the desire for a change of environment after spending significant time abroad.

Mumc Omotoke’s sense of fulfillment upon returning to Nigeria highlights the importance of finding one’s place of belonging.

DICHÉ raises valid questions about the circumstances surrounding the decision to leave, emphasizing the complexities that individuals face when navigating life in a foreign country. Overall, these responses showcase the diverse experiences and perspectives within the diaspora community.