Lisha Seleme Dachor Sets new Guinness World Record

Lisha Seleme Dachor Sets new Guinness World Record. In a remarkable demonstration of endurance and creativity, nail artist Lisha Seleme Dachor has etched her name into the annals of the Guinness World Records, establishing a new standard in the nail art industry.

Over an intense span of 72 hours and 3 minutes, Lisha embarked on a marathon endeavor, meticulously painting approximately 4,320 nails.

This extraordinary feat unfolded amidst a bustling atmosphere at the Tamarald Event Center in Jos, Plateau State, where supporters and spectators gathered to witness history in the making.

Dubbed the Nail-A-Thon, this event commenced on April 28 and culminated on May 1, 2024, serving as a testament not only to Lisha’s physical endurance but also to her unwavering dedication to her craft.

Throughout three consecutive days and nights, she wielded her artistic prowess, adorning thousands of artificial nails with intricate designs and vibrant colors, captivating the imagination of onlookers and garnering admiration from all corners.

Lisha Seleme Dachor, a Nigerian entrepreneur and esteemed authority in the realm of nail painting, embarked on a monumental journey to establish the longest nail painting marathon by an individual.

Beyond merely aiming to secure a record, her endeavor sought to spotlight the artistry and precision inherent in nail painting.

The event buzzed with excitement as attendees witnessed each nail undergo a breathtaking transformation into a work of art under Lisha’s skilled hand.

The atmosphere crackled with encouragement and awe, underscoring the community’s unwavering support for one of their own as she ascended to new heights.

This accomplishment transcends mere record-breaking; it serves as a powerful testament to the boundless potential of passion and perseverance. Lisha’s narrative stands as an inspiration to artists and entrepreneurs worldwide, illustrating that creative boundaries exist to be pushed and records are meant to be shattered.