NANS Set to Protest Nationwide Against Fuel Scarcity and Electricity Tariff Hike

NANS Set to Protest Nationwide Against Fuel Scarcity and Electricity Tariff Hike. NANS has announced plans for a nationwide protest on May 7, 2024, to tackle fuel scarcity and the electricity crisis in Nigeria.

The decision, driven by the government’s failure to address these issues, aims to amplify the frustrations of students across the country.

In a press statement released by the Senate President of NANS, Akinteye Babatunde, the association expressed dismay over the prolonged hardships faced by students due to the ongoing energy crises.

“We are organizing a nationwide protest to demand the removal of key officials responsible for exacerbating these issues,” Babatunde stated, emphasizing the urgency of their demands.

NANS has singled out the Group Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited, Mele Kyari, and the Minister for Power, Bayo Adelabu, accusing them of mismanagement and contributing significantly to the nation’s energy dilemmas.

The student body contends that the leadership of Kyari and Adelabu has resulted in severe mismanagement of crucial energy resources, further exacerbating the nation’s turmoil.

The protest is strategically planned to take place across various zones of the country to ensure widespread participation and visibility.

The designated locations include Abuja Junction along the Abuja-Kaduna Expressway, Airport Road in Abuja, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Onitsha-Asaba Head Bridge, and Wuntin Dada along the Bauchi-Jos Road.

Babatunde added, “This is a unified stance against the systemic failures and neglect that have perpetuated a cycle of hardship and suffering among the populace.”

NANS believes that the removal of the implicated officials is essential for addressing the root causes of these crises and restoring efficiency to Nigeria’s energy sectors.

The association has called on all Nigerian students and citizens to join in this movement, stressing the importance of government accountability, transparency, and decisive action.