Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Plateau State are set to receive vital support to help alleviate their suffering. The Nigeria COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus (NG-CARES) program aims to provide grants and agricultural inputs to IDPs in three Local Government Areas: Mangu, Bokkos, and Mikang.

At a yesterday’s meeting held at the Mwaghavul Development Association(MDA) Hall in Mangu, Dr. Haggai Gutap, the State Technical Administrative Head of N-CARES, announced that not less than 1,200 IDPs across these areas would benefit from the grants. Gutap emphasized that the government is aware of the challenges faced by the IDPs, particularly with the onset of the rainy season. In addition to the grants, plans are in place to distribute fertilizers to affected farmers in the near future.

Hon. Bonkam Wuyep, the Director General of PLASMIDA, underscored that this intervention is part of a broader effort by the government to ensure the comfort and well-being of displaced persons during the rainy season. Gedion Dandam, the State Coordinator of the FADAMA III Project, assured farmers that the government is committed to providing all necessary farm inputs to the IDPs.

Mr. Mathias Sohotden, the MDA representative, expressed the eagerness of the IDPs to return to their farms and urged the government team to expedite their efforts, noting that farming is a crucial activity for the people of Mangu.

During a visit to the Palace of the Mishkaham Mwaghavul, Da. John Putmang Hirse, Haggai Gutap informed the royal father about the government’s plans for the IDPs in Mangu. Gutap called for full cooperation from the traditional council to ensure the success of these initiatives.

In response, the Mishkaham Mwaghavul, Da. John Putmang Hirse, expressed his appreciation for the government’s commendable initiative. He encouraged the team to work diligently and promised to provide all necessary support to help them complete their assignments promptly.

This initiative represents a significant step towards improving the lives of IDPs in Plateau State, providing them with much-needed support as they rebuild their lives and return to their farming activities.