Paul Okoye, known as Rudeboy from the Nigerian music duo P-Square, has officially married his girlfriend, Ifeoma Ivy, in a traditional wedding ceremony held in Abia State.

This event comes amidst widespread rumors about Ifeoma’s pregnancy.

According to DailyPost, sources close to Paul Okoye and Ifeoma Ivy shared exclusive pictures from their traditional wedding ceremony held in Abia State.

The images depict the couple in traditional Igbo wedding attire, participating in customary rites, including kneeling before their elders.

The event, described as a private gathering, marks a significant milestone for the couple.

The news of their union follows Rudeboy’s public interactions with fans, during which he hinted at his readiness to remarry.

His positive approach to moving forward was clear when he addressed fans, urging them not to wish for a toxic end to his previous marriage and instead to focus on positive outcomes.

The 41-year-old singer introduced Ifeoma, 22, to the public through social media in December 2022, a year after his separation from his former wife, Anita Okoye.

The revelation of their relationship was accompanied by the unveiling of affectionate hashtags for the couple, signalling a new chapter in his life.