Prison Official Speaks On Bobrisky’s Gender, Discloses If Male Genitals Are Still Intact

Prison Official Speaks On Bobrisky’s Gender, Discloses If Male Genitals Are Still Intact. According to a recent report, it has been revealed that controversial crossdresser Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, has not undergone any gender-affirming surgery.

Currently, Bobrisky is housed in the same cell as male inmates at the Ikoyi Custodial Centre.

Recall that Bobrisky was sentenced to six months in prison without bail after pleading guilty to Naira mutilation.

Justice Abimbola Awogboro of the Federal High Court in Lagos, while sentencing the convict on Friday, April 12, 2024, said the judgment would be a deterrent to others who are found abusing and mutilating the naira.

A top official in the prison facility where Bobrisky is being held told Punch that the crossdresser was examined at the point of admission.

According to the official, the outcome of the examination revealed that the convict had no realignment of gender or genital organs.

The source said, “Bobrisky made a public declaration that he was a male and court proceedings are public records. Every inmate brought into a facility during admission is examined.

He was equally examined and no realignment of gender or genital organ was discovered. The male biological features were the same.

“After that, a cell was allocated to him, and he had a certain number of inmates with him.

A bed space was also allotted to him. It is just like a boarding house where your housemaster will issue you your personal belongings.”

The source added that the convicted crossdresser had been observing the rules and procedures obtained in the facility.

“When it is time for class, he attends. When it is time for food, he will go and get his portion.

The same goes with prep and light out. He observes all these without preference. He has been going about his business just like other inmates since he was brought in here.”

While clarifying the claims that Bobrisky was being protected against abuse, the official noted that the facility frowned against any form of abuse by a fellow inmate.

“He is not getting any five-star treatment and is not being protected from anybody. He follows the same rules and regulations just like every other inmate.

Single cells of isolation cells are to prevent outbreaks of communicable diseases. In a male prison, homosexuality is outlawed and it is a grievous offence.

Sodomy or homosexuality, is frowned upon here in the custodial centre. So any inmate that tries to violate him will face the law.”