Tapswap Company speaks on Banning Nigerians From Telegram Coin Mining App

Tapswap has addressed the issue of banning Nigerians from using the app. The company’s reaction comes amid complaints from some Nigerians who reported difficulties in accessing the Telegram coin mining app.

In a statement issued on X on Friday, May 24, Tapswap clarified the issues surrounding the rumors that it had banned Nigerians.

Tapswap said: “Dear Nigerian community. We’ve heard concerns about limiting access to users from your country, but we want to clarify that this is not the case. We had to enable verification for the region from where DDoS attacks were initiated.

As promised, we will disable this once our infrastructure is fully adapted. “We deeply appreciate every member of our community from all around the world and always welcome you here. Thank you for your understanding and support.”

According to Tapswap, there is no plan to ban Nigerians from the app. It insisted that it faced some technical challenges.

Meanwhile, a lady said there was no need to fret if Tapswap refused to open at the moment, noting that it was a general issue.

She was responding to many complaints by people who were mining Tapswap and hoping to cash out.

Her update was corroborated in the Tapswap Telegram community, where it was disclosed that maintenance was underway.