Tapswap: Man Explains Why Some Nigerians Will Not Earn Any Money despite 'Tapping' on Telegram

A Nigerian man, Michael John, has stated that not everyone mining Tapswap on Telegram will earn in the coming weeks.

He emphasized that many individuals might not fully understand the complexities of cryptocurrency mining, which could impact their potential earnings.

Participation in Tapswap mining surged following the success of the recently launched crypto project Notcoin.

In Nigeria, there is a Tapswap craze as people look to profit from the Telegram-based crypto project when it is launched, but Michael thought some people would mine in vain.

In a Facebook post, Michael stated that many emergency crypto enthusiasts ventured into Tapswap with little or no experience with crypto wallets or generating wallet addresses.

He added that when they eventually fail to earn from Tapswap, they would turn around and tag cryptocurrency a scam. His Facebook post in part.

“…Before you tag it bad belly, please ask those newbie that joined the bandwagon of Airdrops because of the incomplete stories they heard About #NOTCOIN and you will be amazed by your discovery.

“I love the Nigeria spirit, but as some point that spirit or drive, needs to tamed to not just venture into any of form of money-making activities with little or no experience.

“These newbies as they are called, know little or nothing about Wallets, DEX, CEX and how to generate your wallet address but they want to cash out from #Tapswap .

“Almost 50% of these newbies won’t cash out and all their time will be wasted and they will turn around to call cryptocurrency scam…”

Shedding light on some pitfalls that could cost Tapswap miners from earning, crypto expert Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma told Legit.ng:

“I will say this once to mostly people using an external auto clicker, that is, the automatic clicker people download from their Playstore store or Apple store that helps them mine:

They should minimize the use of it because if what happened in Notcoin should repeat itself, many won’t get anything from it.

“Why do I say so?! Well, during the evaluation process in Notcoin, a few days before launch, their system discovered an irregular clicking pattern (I would say) on their profile and counted as a robot and not qualified to receive coins. “If you could patiently do the mining and tap like everyone else, I’m sure things will go just fine.

“Bots are given to players in Tapswap that is, the bots inside the game that help you click in your absence and anything aside that is considered wrong and against the system. But I can’t say it will be the same for Tapswap for those using external clickers. Better safe than sorry.”