“Tinubu Was Handicapped” – Bagudu Speaks On Why President Didn’t Lobby For El-Rufai To Become Minister

In an interview with Premium Times, Minister of Budget and Economic Planning, Atiku Bagudu, cleared President Bola Tinubu of any responsibility in the situation surrounding the National Assembly’s failure to confirm former Kaduna State Governor, El-Rufai, as a Minister.

Bagudu stated that while Tinubu fulfilled his duty by nominating El-Rufai for the position, attempting to influence the National Assembly after his rejection would constitute an abuse of power and disrespect for the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches of government.

The Minister emphasized that President Tinubu respected the constitutional framework and had to abide by the decision of the lawmakers not to confirm El-Rufai.

President Tinubu had nominated El-Rufai for a ministerial role, but the National Assembly declined to confirm him following the screening process, citing concerns about his security clearance.

El-Rufai subsequently withdrew his candidacy for the position under the Tinubu administration.

“Constitutional democracy operates on the principle of separation of powers. The Senate holds a constitutional mandate in the confirmation process. If they choose to reject any nominee, they are exercising their authority within the constitutional framework,” Bagudu explained.

He further highlighted that the president’s actions were constrained by the provisions of the constitution.

Despite his desire to include El-Rufai in his cabinet, Tinubu had to respect the decisions made by the National Assembly.

Bagudu expressed his wish for El-Rufai’s confirmation, indicating that the president had followed due process in nominating him and presenting him for screening. While he refrained from speculating on why Tinubu did not intervene or lobby for El-Rufai’s confirmation, he asserted that Tinubu’s nomination of El-Rufai reflected his confidence in him as a potential member of his government.