Two More Nigerian Pilgrims Die In Saudi Arabia

The Kwara State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board has announced the sudden demise of two more pilgrims participating in the current Hajj activities in Saudi Arabia.

The deceased pilgrims have been identified as Salman Muhammad Alade and Ayishat Shuaib Ologele.

They were part of the Kwara State group until they succumbed to short-term illnesses.

In a statement released on Thursday, the Executive Secretary of the Kwara State Pilgrims Welfare Board, Abdulsalam Abdulkadir, extended his deep sympathies to the families of the deceased, seeking Allah’s mercy and comfort for them.

Previously, Abdulkadir had shared the sad news of Hajia Hawawu Muhammad’s passing due to a tragic suicide attempt from her apartment’s rooftop in Madina. He also revealed that another Kwara State pilgrim, Saliu Mohammed, who passed away in Madina, was in the intensive care unit of a public hospital after a sudden illness.

The recent passing of the two Kwara pilgrims has increased the number of Nigerian pilgrims who have died in Saudi Arabia to 11.

Plateau News reports that the first fatalities from Kebbi State were Hajiya Tawalkatu Busare Alako, better known as Maman Biyu, who died in Makkah a few days after her arrival from Madina, just 24 hours after Alhaji Muhammad Suleman’s passing in Makkah.

The Kebbi State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board also reported the death of Abubakar Abdullahi from Gulma town in the Argungu Local Government Area of the state in Makkah.

In May, the board shared the news of the deaths of Tawakaltu Alamo and Muhammad Suleiman, both from Kebbi State.

An elderly traveler from Lagos State, aged 68, named Oloshogbo Isiaka Idris, passed away on Tuesday, May 28, also in Makkah, following his return from the Grand Mosque, where he had gone to carry out tawaf (circumambulation) as part of his Umrah (lesser Hajj).