US President Joe Biden Takes a Stand: No Jail Time for Marijuana Smokers

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has stated that the mere purchase and usage of marijuana should not be grounds for imprisonment.

Plateau News reports that President Biden officially announced this proposition on Thursday through his personal X (formerly Twitter) account. He suggested reclassifying marijuana as a less harmful drug in the United States.

The Biden Administration introduced the proposal to reclassify marijuana (cannabis) at the end of April, with the Justice Department initiating the process on May 16.

Having been categorized as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act in 1970, the new proposal aims to reclassify marijuana as a Schedule III drug.

This would place it in the same category as drugs like ketamine and painkillers containing codeine, which are considered to have a lower likelihood of dependence.

Although President Biden’s proposal does not legalize marijuana, it is expected to lead to a decrease in federal arrests related to the substance.

Marijuana will continue to be a controlled substance until the public comment period and hearing process are concluded, as reported by Strait Times news.

Seun Kuti, a popular Nigerian musician, suggested some months ago that the Nigerian government should consider legalizing marijuana, emphasizing that there is no scientific evidence linking marijuana to any disease.

The singer argued that there is no proven evidence that marijuana use causes any disease.

He asserted that Nigeria has lost its unique strain of marijuana because of the ban on it in the country.

The maverick singer said many countries, including Israel, which is regarded by Nigerian Christians as the “Holy Land,” have legalized marijuana.

Speaking in a recent Instagram live session with fans, Kuti said, “Nobody can show me any scientific evidence that links marijuana use to any disease.

“Africa used to have the best marijuana in the world but we’ve lost that strain of marijuana that they use to grow in Obiarukwu forest in Asaba and Sapele in the Delta region. We’ve lost it because she didn’t encourage the cultivation.

“Now, the West have the best marijuana. Germany is going to legalise it very soon. France, Britain and America are talking about it too. It’s already legalised in Canada.

“Has Nigeria government independently carried out any research on marijuana use? Even in Israel, the land of your ‘lord’, the ‘holy land’, marijuana is legal. In fact, Israel is at the forefront of medical marijuana research.”