I watched my dad slaughtered my mom for rituals – Lady narrates terrible experience (Video)

I watched my dad slaughtered my mom for rituals – Lady narrates terrible experience (Video). The internet was abuzz as a young Nigerian woman shared her harrowing ordeal involving her father and late mother during a recent episode of ‘Talk to B’ with Nollywood actress Biola Adebayo.

In a deeply unsettling revelation, the lady recounted witnessing her father committing a heinous act of violence against her mother in a bid to carry out a money ritual. She revealed that the traumatic incident took place 17 years ago when she and her mother were peacefully asleep.

According to her account, her father entered the room wielding a black pot and a knife, the latter ominously wrapped in a red cloth. The shocking scene unfolded as her father proceeded to slaughter her mother’s neck in a horrifying ritualistic act.

He firstly went to her bed side to check if she was asleep before walking up to her mother, who was soundly asleep. Then, he took off his knife and slaughtered his wife with it. He then, collected her blood into the pot.

The young woman disclosed her terror upon witnessing her mother’s murder, expressing her shock and difficulty in uttering a scream at the incident.

In her words, “It got to some stage, I be like me too I should just die and meet my mum but the woman maltreated me. A girl of going to four years old and she will ask me to do all the house chores.”

“Anytime my dad and her has argument, my guy will be like, ‘I will still kill you’,  And I wasn’t sleeping, he did the same thing to my mum. He brought out a black pot and a knife. At the end of the knife, it was tied with a red cloth.”

“He, then, slaughtered her neck and collected her blood. I was watching him but I could not scream. I was scared, I wanted to move but my body was not moving. I wanted to talk but I could not hear myself talk. It happened like 17 years ago”.

Her revelation triggered massive reactions as social media users expressed their shock, taking their thoughts to comment section.

Some reactions are shown below:

alayo_baking_catering said, “This girl will now be so strong hearted and you won’t know the genesis”.

odunapeke said, “Jehovah! This is absolutely shocking. May the Almighty help you heal from the trauma”.

rahazfabrics_n_more said, “Subuhanallahi 😢😢😢things are happening”.

real_b.a.y said, “She only speak about her dad’s story, thousands of people eg, pastors, alfa, politicians etc have done same thing all in the name of fame, power and money. That’s why the country is fai! Ing😢😢😢”.

opeyemijohn1 said, “Like what did i just listened to 😮😮😮😮😮😮??”

glintsbeautyspaandskincare said, “This girl is broken God!!”

temmyystrrinngs said, “Omorrrr ×1000000 thins dey occur oh”.

mammie_r_flawless said, “Jesus 💔💔💔💔”.