“You talk too much” – Portable slams Verydarkman in a viral audio (Listen)

“You talk too much” – Portable slams Verydarkman in a viral audio (Listen). Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, famously known as Portable, recently expressed his frustration with controversial social activist, Verydarkman, in a private Instagram chat.

A leaked conversation surfaced online, shedding light on Portable’s heated exchanges with Verydarkman. In the audio messages shared, the 30-year-old singer voiced his displeasure, particularly referencing an incident where Verydarkman allegedly suggested he undergo DNA tests for his children from multiple mothers.

The remarks from Verydarkman evidently struck a nerve with Portable, prompting him to address the issue directly and assertively in the private conversation.

Portable, known for unique online presence, stated that he knows all his children belong to him, naming Verydarkman as an ‘Idiot’ for asking him to go for paternity test.

He said that Verydarkman, who had just clocked 30, talks too much and should be mindful of people he pointed his words at.

In his words, “Hello Niggaron, Brotherhood, Very the dark man, omo you don dey yarn too much ooo. Make you no go loose yarn ooo. Them say you no dey fear women. You should fear women after God”.

“You talk too much. You know there was a time You said I and baby mama to undergo DNA Test. You can see that you are an Idiot but just tall”. I already know I fathered the children via Ifa consultation.”

“No go dey talk anyhow ooo, so that you won’t have problem with God”.

The audio triggered massive reactions as social media users shared their thoughts via comment section.

Some reactions are shown below:

mo_.yin said, “Did he just say very dark man the very dark brain ? 😂”.

reeceo21 said, “school wey you go u nor use am get shishi nay to come online dey insult people family 😂😂😂😂 i love me some more of potable 👏👏👏👏”.

eniola_omorinkoba said, ““Ori pe o go! O kan ga ni” nah!!!!😂😂😂”.

moelake67 said, “How can you not love portable with all these😂😂😂😂😂”.

tresbodorganics said, “He who guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul prov 21:23, even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise Prov 17: 28”.

mizpurplemakeupempire said, “What Right do vdm has to be telling people to do DNA for their kids? If no be ment”.

spicy_maranma said, “😂😂😂😂😂 na this is the gbasgbos I need..now he’s gona form am not gonna reply dat😂”.

cherrybttrfly said, “If portable says you talk too much, then 😂”.